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Our commercial spray foam contractors are fully accredited by GACO Western, the industry leader in SPF materials and insulation warranties.

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What is Spray-polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation ?

According to the EPA, investing in spray foam insulation can reduce annual residential and commercial property utility costs by up to 20%.

Spray foam insulation works by creating an airtight seal that results in up to 24 times less permeability to outside air and moisture. This is made possible thanks to the way that spray foam insulation expands in cracks and crevices, to create an almost total seal against drafts.

At Erie SPF Roof Coatings and Insulation, we are the only GACO certified contractors performing open and closed cell commercial SPF insulation in Erie, Pennsylvania.

What is Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation?

GACO 052N is an industry-leading water-blown form of spray foam insulation, that is ideal for use in enclosed wall, ceiling, floor, attic, and crawlspace cavities.

High expansion rates quickly eliminate drafts. More importantly, GACO 052N is non-toxic and has the highest thermal resistance (R-Value) in the spray foam insulation industry.

  • Eliminate drafts and prevent mold outbreaks by reducing interior moisture.
  • GACO 052N is proven to help reduce airborne noise pollution by up to 20 decibels.
  • Our Erie spray foam contractors are proficient in applying GACO 052N in a way that minimizes waste, as well as any disruption to your business during installation.

What are the Benefits of Closed Cell Spray Foam?

Closed-cell spray foam insulation is much more rigid than open-cell foam. This is thanks to the fact that individual foam cells squash tightly together to form a completely impermeable membrane.

As a rule, closed-cell foam offers superior insulation to open-cell foam. This results in higher R-Values and better interior vapor and moisture control. More importantly, GACO 183M Closed Cell Foam is GreenGuard certified. This means that insulation does not release damaging, ozone-depleting chemicals during or after installation.

Don’t just weatherproof your Pennsylvania commercial property! increase overall comfort and energy efficiency with Certified Gaco Western SPF insulation.

Protect your entire building

Spray foam insulation is ideal for use in commercial property attics, ceilings, walls, roofs, and floors.

Keep Dry Air in, Moisture Out

After installation, spray foam significantly reduces interior accumulation of moisture.

Year-Round Comfortability

Air-tight seals prevent heat loss during winter while helping maintain cooler interior temperatures during summer.

Your Commercial Property Utility Costs

Is it time that you invested in superior commercial property insulation? Our team of GACO Certified Spray Foam Installation Contractors are ready to help you start saving today.