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Quit worrying about replacing your metal roof panels

Whether you are dealing with leaks, rust, or other metal or aluminum roof-related issues we have all the permanent roof coating solutions you need to improve your roof.

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Erie, PA Roof Coating and Restoration Services

Quit worrying about replacing your metal roof panels. Stop thinking about how much work it is going to be to pull each panel off and rebuild your roof from scratch. 

Our roofing professionals are experienced in roof coating and Commercial Roof Restoration. Not only do we have the services to tackle your roof project, we offer you top of the line roof coating and restoration products, so you never have to worry about doing the roofing work yourself or whether your roof will last. Through our roofing solutions, we can seal up the roofing panels, and help you save energy, all while upgrading you to a weather-resistant roof!

We believe that just about every roof can be restored. When it comes to commercial restorations, our team can get your roof back into great condition. 

a roof coating is the best roofing solution for a building that lasts

If you live in or around Erie PA and you own a commercial building, one of the things that you must think about is the roof on your building (or buildings)! Many commercial building owners agree that a roof coating is the best roofing solution for a building that lasts. Some of the benefits of our Commercial Roof Coatings Erie PA services include the following:

  • Extremely durable, even with the climate of the Lake Erie area
  • Doesn’t allow UV rays to come through (these rays normally reduce the life of the roofing materials, making them less effective as time goes on)
  • The coating solution is a heat and weather shield 
  • Provides increased energy efficiency for your building 
  • Due to increased energy efficiency, the HVAC system in your building is more likely to last longer (this is because it doesn’t need to work so hard)
  • Makes it tougher for any fire to spread or start due to the top-rated membrane used during the coating process

Can’t afford to have your roof replaced?

If you can’t afford to have your roof replaced, but you do need a solution that is going to work, you should talk to our roofing professionals about commercial roof coatings. Our roof coating services are affordable and we have helped numerous clients with building improvements since 2011. 

Since we won’t have to take your current roof off, this is going to save you a lot of money upfront. Without having to replace your roof, the process of Commercial Roof Restoration is going to happen much quicker than you might expect. We won’t even need to disrupt your business. In fact, our roofing professionals can usually do the roof coating process quietly without being noticed.

Commercial Roof Coatings in Erie PA are less disruptive than having the building’s roof replaced. Our team uses only the best roof coating materials and products so we can complete the roof coating process flawlessly.

Top Coatings that Repair and Restore Your Commercial Roof

Our commercial roof coating is an acrylic polymer which works great in the Erie, PA area. This is sprayed onto the roof after the surface has been prepared. In addition, to having your roof repaired with this service, it will also be restored by:

  • Removing the rust
  • Power washing the surface of the roof
  • Preventing rust from occurring again
  • Sealing up and strengthening each seam
  • Tightening up and caulking each screw
  • Applying the seamless base coating
  • The top coating gives it that new-roof look

Most likely, your building has a leak that is prompting you to reach out to someone for Commercial Roof Coatings Erie PA or Commercial Roof Restoration services. Generally, people don’t realize they even have a leak, until it has caused some damage in their attic or ceiling. Maybe you have some rust on your roof that is starting to cause some structural and appearance issues.

Many companies might tell you that you need to have your roof replaced and that it can’t be salvaged. The truth is it's common to opt for Commercial Restoration over a Roof Replacement.

There are many reasons why having your roof restored is a better option than having it replaced! First, the more years that you keep the current roof on your building, the more money and time you are able to save. There are many companies who replace their roof before it is actually needed. This is only causing them to have to pay for something that isn’t necessary at the time. 

If your roof is getting older, it is important to know that a roof coating could give the roof more years of structural soundness and effectiveness. Maybe your roof has had a lot of leaks recently. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the roof needs to be replaced. Talk to our roofing professionals to find out if a roof coating is the best option.

Increasing the Energy-Efficiency of Your Building

Our roof coating services increase energy efficiency in many ways. We are able to prevent water from getting into your building, and pooling on your roof. In addition, the coating that we apply to your roof can help to reflect most of the rays from the sun. This means that you will be saving energy which lowers your utility bills. It also means that your building is going to stay cooler, as well. 

The commercial roof coating solutions offered by our team are going to help you save money, extend the life of your roof, stop you from having to replace your roof, reduce your energy costs, and offer you many other benefits, as well. Our roof coating services are affordable and in time, this service is going to pay for itself. 

Before making the decision that you should have your entire roof replaced, be sure to take some time to think about all the options you have. You can talk to our team here at Erie SPF Roof Coatings and Insulation about the roofing solutions we have to offer.

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If you are looking for the best roofing solutions for your commercial building, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! Our Commercial Roof Coatings Erie PA and Commercial Roof Restoration options might be just what you need.